You can spend day and night writing, writing, writing, and then discussing your work with a professional editor and writing coach who will help you leap forward in your chosen work 


You can also opt to spend time exploring the area. The area is close to the sea and charming seacoast towns, with shopping, antique stores, restaurants, and sightseeing opportunities. It’s a breeze to take a local train into Boston for the day, or to visit some of the many historical places of interest near Boston. You can take a ferry to Provincetown from Plymouth, or a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for the day (though that would be a long, and likely glorious, day). How you spend your time is totally up to you, aside from the four hours of consultation, but those can be arranged to fit your schedule.


Right Side

Would you love to spend three days focused on writing, away from the normal everyday happenings that disrupt your brilliant bursts of creativity? How about enjoying a beautiful, quiet, and delightfully charming cottage situated on a scenic pond, near the sea? How about having a writer’s library to resource and a beautiful, spacious room to yourself where you can write or read to your heart’s content?

On top of those magical ingredients, how about having someone who has been a professional writer and editor for 30 years read your work and offer consultations designed to reinforce and build skills, confidence, and momentum? 

Yes, you can have it all.

I am now offering a 3-day/2-night Writing Retreat that provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in completing a project, editing a manuscript, or merely stretching your writing wings. My peaceful cottage, located on the south shore of Massachusetts, near Duxbury and Plymouth (15 minutes to the ocean; 30 minutes south of Boston; 30 minutes north of Cape Cod), has a spacious room overlooking a serene pond that’s waiting for you! You can sleep and work in the room, share the rest of the cottage, and spend 3 days and 2 nights writing until yo choose to pack it in for the night. 

The short of it:

Prior to arrival, I’ll read your work in progress and welcome you with a written analysis for us to discuss, as well as an additional four hours of developmental editing consultations to take place during your stay. 

The long of it:

In addition to a pleasant sitting area, you’ll have a desk in the room for your laptop, and a small TV with basic cable (and a DVD player). A continental breakfast will be provided each day, and you can either shop for groceries and prepare your other meals at the cottage, or choose from a variety of restaurants in the area. If you like, we may share a glass of wine or a cocktail in the evenings. Tea and coffee will be provided.

The writing room faces a pond (a reservoir, so no swimming or boating), which provides a glorious view, plus the occasional sounds of ducks and geese and the sight of an occasional swan gliding across the water. You’ll have the luxury of falling asleep in silence and waking up in silence. The room has a queen-sized bed, a small TV with basic cable (and a DVD player), and a comfortable sitting area. You’ll have a desk to work on in your room, or a table to work on outside. Your room is located on the second floor and features a large private deck, so you can enjoy your morning coffee while watching the sunrise, and later stroll around the pond or through local cranberry bogs, if you like walking in nature. There is a small town beach not far away, if you want to swim in a larger pond (it’s a lake to the locals).

Once you book your four days, I’ll read whatever work in progress you want to discuss before you arrive and prepare a written analysis discussing the strengths and weaknesses to use as a starting point. (The report can also be delivered after you return home, if you prefer.) Once you’re here, we’ll spend an additional four hours (two hours on two days) addressing your challenges in particular, whether it’s plot, characters, setting, dialogue, pacing, narrative, or a bit of everything. If appropriate, I may provide developmental or line-by-line editing samples to illustrate what’s being discussed. If you are working on a nonfiction book, I can also offer extensive feedback and suggestions, including how to create and market a formal book proposal. All insights and suggestions will be tailored to your work in progress, designed to help you improve your skills, as well as gain confidence and build momentum.

 My Qualifications 

I have been a professional writer, ghostwriter, and editor for more than 30 years, and have authored, co-authored, book-doctored, or edited more than 35 nonfiction and fiction books since 2005. Via my business, Literary Cottage, I provide developmental and line-by-line editing, as well as ghostwriting for nonfiction books, magazine articles, and blogs. I also judge magazine articles and self-published books for Writer’s Digest’s annual contests. References are provided on my website or are available upon request.

As a point of reference, my reading and analysis fees for a full-length 70-80,000-word manuscript are typically $750; and my developmental and line-by-line editing fees range from $2,500-$4,500 depending upon the scope of work, the complexity of the work, and the size of the manuscript. 


The cost for a three-day, two-night writing retreat in my lovely cottage is $1,250. A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required when booking. If you have to cancel less than three weeks in advance and cannot re-schedule, I will offer a reading/review of your work in progress, as well as a follow-up hour-long consultation via telephone or email. Transportation from and to the airport is not provided; transportation from and to the local Amtrak is provided.

So, come and write in my lovely cottage! If you have any questions or need help planning your trip, please email: sreynolds@literarycottage.com.

Thank you! I hope to see you soon.